Györ, 01/11/2013 
Cluster matchmaking event - “SMEs in Clusters”, 7th November 2013 at INNONET Innovation and Technology Centre, Györ, hosted by Pannon Business Network 

The aim of the project is to open the potential hidden in clusters and their cooperation across strong and emerging sectors of the V4 by their identification and informatisation in the digital depository and portal interfaced with the V4 integrated information platform. The important part of the V4Clusters project is also networking - except of the Györ conference, there will be another three cluster matchmaking events in Nitra, Gliwice and final conference in Ostrava during 2014. 
Besides project partnership represented by P. Břusková and B. Barta, will speak P. Keller, Head of cluster development group – Hungarian National Cluster, about financing models for Hungarian Clusters, A. Joós will introduce Professio Metal Industry and Vocational Training Cluster, K. Sochová from The Moravian-Silesian Tourism Cluster will present the specifics of SMEs development in a regional tourism cluster, R. Bíro will speak about Experience of Automotive Cluster-West Slovakia in cooperation with SMEs and M. Jabłoński will talk about Metacluster as a chance for development of SMEs. 
Contact: Matyas Lazary, Pannon Business Network Association,, +36 965 069 

Nitra, Slovakia, 10/02/2014 
Cluster matchmaking event - "Identification of the V4 Clusters", 13th February 2014 at Hotel River, Nitra, hosted by Union of Slovak Clusters 

Since Slovakia belongs to the most forested countries in Europe (41 % of its territory), the main objective of the Nitra meeting will be to create links between the main stakeholders in the area of forestry, wood, furniture, and potentially also bioenergy sector. Clusters, universities, forest centres and institutes or other experts in the forestry sector will jointly reveal the potential for cooperation and will thus contribute to the preparation of the cooperation action plan. 
The early afternoon will be devoted to the short introduction of the project by P. Břusková. D. Ács as the host partner will focus on the possibility of establishing operational groups within the European Innovation Partnership. J. Čistecký from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic will present the potential of the V4 countries cooperation. 
The next part of the event will be split into two sessions. One session will be dedicated to the forestry issue. The second session will invite the representatives of all the other cluster sectors for networking. 
Contact: Katarína Szegényová, Union of Slovak Clusters,, +421 904 997 577;

Gliwice, 23/05/2014 
Cluster matchmaking event - “V4 Leading Clusters Formation”, 28 May 2014 at Hotel Silvia Gold, Gliwice, hosted by Upper Silesian Agency for Ent.&Dev. 
During the second third of the project activities partners identified clusters and its industries in each V4 country which are strong with high potential for internationalization. The main objective of the Gliwice meeting will be to present and establish collaborative cluster networks represented by the V4 Leading Clusters in the industries such as ICT (Poland), Machinery (Czech Republic), Furniture (Hungary), Automotive/Plastics (Slovakia). 
Invited participants will have the opportunity to discuss the topics of their concern and to address the main challenges they are facing together. Cluster managers will jointly reveal the potential for cooperation and will thus contribute to the creation of four Action plans in each industry. 
The opening session will present the V4 Leading Clusters: e-poludnie, ICT cluster, Poland; Pannon Wood and Furniture Cluster, Hungary; Czech Machinery Cluster, Czech Republic. The managers of the V4 Leading Clusters will focus on possible opportunities for future cooperation within Visegrad Group and presenting the Leading Clusters’ formation. 
Contact: Karolina Piwowarska, Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development – GAPR,, tel.: +48 32

Ostrava, 5 November 2014 
Visegrad Group clusters set their sights on Southeast Asia 
On 4-5 November 2014 Ostrava hosted the final conference of the V4Clusters project. The aim of the project, co-financed by the International Visegrad Fund, is to strengthen cluster-based cooperation within the Visegrad Group of Central European countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) and to create sector-specific groups of clusters operating in key industries. Delegates at the Ostrava conference addressed a range of issues - how to maximize cooperation among clusters based in the V4 countries, possibilities for expanding cooperation with member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). 
Pavla Břusková, President of the NCA, gives more details: “The project has helped to map the presence of cluster organizations within the V4 countries. In order to promote the V4 countries on the global market, we first identified our strongest cluster sectors coordinated by a leading cluster from a different country: mechanical engineering (CZ), furniture (HU), telecommunications (PL) and automotive (SK). Each of the four coordinators has drawn up action plans based on what the cluster networks can offer, what support they need, and what measures they want to promote within the policy frameworks of the V4 governments.” 
The V4 clusters are taking a closely coordinated approach to the ASEAN markets. Břetislav Skácel, Honorary Consul-General of the Philippine Republic and the manager of the CREA Hydro & Energy Cluster, sees the ASEAN markets as a huge source of potential for V4 countries. A consortium of Czech companies (members of the CREA Hydro & Energy Cluster) has recently achieved success in the Philippines with a hydroelectric power plant project. Cooperation among universities is also developing rapidly. 
Contact: Marek Konarik, National Cluster Association - CZ,, tel.: +420 773 477 735;