Mapping the Potentials

The application of the new regional cluster policy in the cluster initiatives funding can be tested on the case of the Cluster of Social Enterprises (CloSE) which represents the pilot project of the MSR within the CluStrat project. The cross-cutting issue concerned in this pilot project cover the gender in innovation including diversity aspects, with the stress on diversity (the group of population threatened by social exclusion), and the new cluster concepts through the application of the cluster concept to social policy which represents a social innovation. There are several reports on regional/national potentials with a view to the Emerging industries and Cross-cutting Issues tackeled in CluStrat.

As a result of the mapping process following reports on regional respectively national potentials of the participating CluStrat partners are ready to be published:

Report on the regional potential of the Karlovy Vary Region (download here)

Report on the regional potential of the Moravian-Silesian Region (download here)

Národní dialog ke klastrovým koncepcím – Evropské inovační partnerství

National Dialogue on cluster concepts - the European Innovation Partnership