Pilot actions implemented in CluStrat project

CluStrat aims at maintaining and improving the competitiveness of clusters in the CENTRAL EUROPE area, by developing new strategic policy approaches on how to render clusters even more capable to face and live up to the challenge supposed by new markets. A strategy on new cluster concepts in support of emerging economic sectors, cross-technologies and cross-sectoral themes has been developed.

The 4th Transnational Policy Dialogue aimed at discussing new cluster concepts for cluster policy in Europe. In the light of the upcoming challenges at European level indicating demographic change, climate change etc. clusters have to adapt their way of traditional clustering in order to be able to come up with solutions required by the new markets. Clusters are an important innovation factor for regions. If clusters are willing to exploit new emerging markets also the competitiveness of regions will be raised.

In the event the strategy on new cluster concepts as well as policy recommendations were presented and discussed. The strategic elements have been tested in pilot actions. The results of these pilot actions were also presented the event. Thus participants received an insight into different new cluster concepts which aim to exploit the 3 Emerging Industries: Active Ageing, Sustainable / Intelligent Mobility, Green Economy.

For more information please have a look at the agenda or browse the presentations in order to find out about the joint strategy and the pilot actions.