The Importance of Clusters for the Trade and SMEs Development

The intention of the project is to strengthen the economic development of the Czech Republic and the Republic of Serbia by using new business cooperation models and specialisations on the cluster basis. The strategy of the project involves the increase of the internationalisation capacity of clusters and creation of preconditions for internationalisation activities of their members (companies, SMEs and other organisations and institutions) within cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Serbia.

Next to the stimulation of the business cooperation focused on cluster members – SMEs, the project aims to transfer the experience with the advanced cluster policy and cluster support from the Czech Republic to Serbia. The knowledge and experience transfer will emphasize the enhancement of the cluster management quality parameters towards the European model of cluster excellence, including the evaluation methods of performance of cluster organisations, education of cluster stakeholders and improvement of the services provided to members, both in terms of innovation, R&D and internationalisation.


The main objective of the project is to strengthen the business cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic and the Republic of Serbia based on the internationalisation of cluster organisations in both countries and knowledge transfer between the National Cluster Association - CZ and Cluster House regarding the development of clusters.

The project is financed from the state budget within ODA Czech Republic.

The official website of the project is here:



Organisation of two Czech-Serbian Cluster Forums was a part of the project activities. The first CZ-RS Cluster Forum was held in Nis, Serbia on 13th of October 2016 with aim to make an introductory step in connecting export oriented SMEs and clusters from Czech and Serbia. The first RS-CZ Cluster Forum was held in Prague, Czech Republic on 2nd of November 2016 in enabled business environment for making concrete business meetings and potential agreements for future partnerships, projects and export-import jobs. 

REPORT on the Serbian-Czech cross-cluster SME trade forum find HERE. 

Contact person:
Zuzana Polová, Project Assistant, +420 773 032 220